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(Please note that this application is customizable as per your requirements.)

MyWebAdmin.In brings to you learning management system for schools, colleges and any educational institute. It helps you manage your institute in a very sophisticated and planned way. It contains several modules viz. faculty management, time table management, fees management, attendance management, online tests, questions database etc.

It is 100% customizable according to your requirements, hence you may design your learning / administration system as per your requirements even though it uses cloud system (SaaS). The content management system is designed to be configurable with coolest templates. You may also change the template you like, because we commit 100% customizability. All the reports are PDF downloadable and some viz. students lists, fees are downloadable in excelsheet. It provides student's and parent's account where students and parents can track fees, attendance, performance.

MyWebAdmin.In introduces batch discussion forum where students can discuss there issues and share files online in a group chat with teachers.

With all these functionalities, MyWebAdmin.In aims at meeting your requirements with your own configurations on top of these modules. MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System is designed to integrate with any technology currently available in market for e-learning. MyWebAdmin.In - LMS is already integrated with WizIQ for online teaching. It provides all the functionalities provided by by WizIQ for taking classes online.

Visit our sample Admin Panel, Student/Parent Panel and the front-end website designed using MyWebAdmin.In - Content Management System.

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Your front-end website is customizable as per your requirements!!!


Save Your Time

Save time with quick reports generation, management and website design.

Lose registers and excel sheets

Now manage your Institute with MyWebAdmin.In. The simple and affordable solution that has everything you need to manage your Institution.

100% Customizable

Customize your your data, reports and even website as per your requirements. You decide how its easy for you.

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Our Services

My Web Admin is a base web application for creating your personalized web application. To start with we have created a Classes/Learning/School Management System. MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System(LMS) provides facilities like Student's Database and Account, Faculty Management, Time-Table Management, Attendance Management, User Accounts Management, Fees Management, Payments Management, Emails and SMS Management,Students / Teachers Discussion Forum, Your website management with its on Content Management System(CMS), Registrations and counting...

MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Ease your learning managment with MyWebAdmin.In.

MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System

Online Classes through WizIQ

Make teaching and learning more simple with online teaching. WizIQ integrated for online Classes

MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System

Teacher Management

Manage your Teachers easily.

MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System

Time-Table Management

Simple and easiest Time-Table Management.

MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System

Your own database with unlimited storage.

Store as much data you want without negotiating with speed.

MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System

Online Tests

Take Online Tests for students.

MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System

Examinations Management

Simplest addition of examinations and assigning marks.

MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System

Batch Discussion

Batch Discussion forums on subjects between concerned Students and Teachers.

MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System

Manage Website

Manage your website with MyWebAdmin.In Content Management System(CMS)

MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System


Send Emails to all Students and selected students Easily.

MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System

Study Material - Notes

Create Notes downloadable in PDF for students for reading.

MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System


Manage your faculties.

MyWebAdmin.In - Learning Management System

Fees Management

Manage Fees and Accounting